The Art Of Conversation

Yoke and Zoom. Meter Room, Coventry. UK (2012-13)

In response to The Cafe & Bookshop for Floorplan for an Institution, MOVEMENT gallery in collaboration with artist duo Yoke and Zoom, present a selection of MICRO-OIL PAINTINGS and THE ART OF CONVERSATION.

Traditionally, within the context of an art institution, the cafe is a place to relax, meet and talk to friends, eat and drink and perhaps discuss the exhibitions. Increasingly however, as in most forms of public space, one to one interactions between people in cafes are breaking down due to the proliferation of mobile technology and social networking. The same technologies have also led to an increase in individual customers working or social networking and sitting alone where there may have previously been a stigma attached.

Expanding upon an ongoing body of work examining the breakdown of conversation in public space, THE ART OF CONVERSATION is a one-one FREE cafe/bookshop that serves just two people at a time and encourages them to strike-up a conversation.The spectator becomes the participant in the situation and conversation is encouraged by the provision of a tonne of books that are given away free to the audience. On the cafe walls are the related MICRO-OIL PAINTINGS.