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Hello and welcome to my homepage, I am Nina Coulson, an artist /curator/ mother, based between Worcestershire/London, U.K. I work in a variety of media and forms, my practice is not limited to one style or method, allowing me the freedom to draw from a variety of influences and to respond to changing situations. My practice involves varied collaborations, and investigates the politics of art production in the public and private realms, post-participatory and meta participatory methods. Between 2002-16, I worked in collaboration as “Yoke and Zoom” an artist-led family, whose work combined universal concerns with domestic private moments and relationships, receiving various awards to develop projects both in and out of the gallery environment. Yoke and Zoom’s practice instigated collaborations and intervened into multiple public spaces both in the urban and rural context, encouraging communication between people and questioning the politics of art production in the public and private realms. Often context specific, my artworks distribute and re-appropriate everyday objects, and include problem solving and sharing.Recently I have incorporated more painting and drawing into my working methods and Between 2016-18 I produced a series of performatively activated sculptures that explore actions generated through Post Collaborative Practice, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, these are available for performing on negotiation. Between 2019-23: I have been producing an ongoing series of A4 drawings harvested from stock images and painting alongside other work. I am also co-founder/director/curator of MOVEMENT an artist led project space on the platform of Worcester Foregate Street Railway Station, (opened October 2010.) MOVEMENT has shown over 25 exhibitions by local, national and international artists and communicates directly between art and the public on a daily basis. To see more about my gallery go to www.movementtimetable.co.uk.