System Shutdown

SYSTEM SHUTDOWN is a series of paintings, technical interventions, Internet and Multi Media based works by Yoke and Zoom based on the theme of the breakdown of technology. For this exhibition we have been painting fractured electronic systems and deconstructing actual computer equipment, stripping technology down to its basic components and removing the user friendly interface. The work depicts machines that are defunct, have crashed, have viruses or have been destroyed by human intervention. Computers show blank screens or error codes becoming victims of information overload. CCTV cameras that are obsolete in their design. Circuit boards that are so badly wired they could not possibly work are placed alongside motherboards that are crudely smashed.

Low Res Image of Electric Birdsong 1. Acrylic on Canvas 2001
Low Res Image of Electric Birdsong 2. Acrylic on Canvas 2001

Alongside SYSTEM SHUTDOWN are three small-connected series of works:

1. TRONS. Yoke and Zooms TRONS are deconstructed circuit boards that are reformatted into basic figures then are sewn onto a fushia pink canvas, The feminine nature of the colour pink is to contrast with the masculine nature of circuitry.

2. ELECTRIC BIRDSONG feature birds virtually connected by electronic wires. The work compares the sounds of birdsong to that of modem connection noises, comparing nature to artifice

3. System Shutdown an internet based work produced in Shockwave about System Shutdown is available to interact with online on