Word in Transit (residency)

Invited artist: Instagram @wordintransit: 19th January -2nd February 2019.

I spent a fortnight researching two specific VR producers whose work concerns VR and the underground transport network.
The Word in Transit residency informed a new body of research and screen-sized micro-oil paintings which will be distributed online and shown physically as speed-exhibitions/interventions onboard underground carriages at a later date.

My research explored VR tech as a healing response to a myriad of social anxieties potentially experienced whilst travelling in the confined, increasingly unmanned and automated social-space of the underground transport network.
Inspired by Professor Daniel Freeman (University of Oxford), who has created a a fully simulated underground VR experience, the clinical use of which aids in the reduction of paranoia and psychosis and also by New York based VR producers Scatter who launched Blackout at the Tribeca Film Festival in. 2017. .

Playable in life-sized reconstruction of a carriage, complete with seats and handrails that accurately corresponds to the the VR experience, making the experience more visceral and haptic, Blackout is “an attempt to give all big city commuters the super powers they’ve always wanted: the power to read the minds of your fellow riders. . .

Using gaze-based tracking, the experience allows you to walk through the subway car and, when you stop and stare at a particular person (a real person who has been captured volumetrically), that person’s inner monologue begins playing in your ears, delivering a kind of telepathic eavesdropping effect.“